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A novel magnetic field sensor based on the magnetic fluid and Mach-Zehnder interferometer is proposed. The sensor takes advantage of the tunable refractive index property of the magnetic fluid and the modal interference property of the collapsed photonic crystal fiber. The achieved sensitivity and resolution of the sensor are 2.367 pm/Oe and 4.22 Oe,(More)
An optical fiber twist sensor is proposed by using solid core low birefringence photonic crystal fiber (LB-PCF)-based Sagnac interferometer. The twist effects on the fiber are theoretically analyzed. The results show that the dip wavelength of the transmission spectrum shifts with the twist angle with a high sensitivity and resolution of 1.00(More)
A polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)/poly-acrylic acid (PAA) hydrogel coated fiber-optic intrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometer (IFPI) has been demonstrated as a pH sensor. The proposed Fabry-Perot pH interferometric sensor consists of a section of hollow-core photonic crystal fiber (HCPCF) sandwiched between the lead-in single mode fiber (SMF) and sensing SMF. The(More)
A relative humidity fiber sensor based on polarization maintaining (PM) fiber Sagnac interferometery configuration is presented. The proposed sensor is functionalized with a thin layer of a moisture-sensitive natural polymer chitosan, whose degree of swelling varies as a function of relative humidity. The sensing scheme used in this study is based on the(More)
A miniature all-fiber temperature sensor is demonstrated by using a Michelson interferometer formed with a short length of Germania-core, silica-cladding optical fiber (Ge-fiber) fusion-spliced to a conventional single-mode fiber (SMF). Thanks to the large differential refractive index of the Ge-fiber sensing element, a reasonably small free spectral range(More)
A highly sensitive miniature photonic crystal fiber refractive index sensor based on field mode excitation is presented. The sensor is fabricated by melting one end of a photonic crystal fiber into a rounded tip and splicing and collapsing the other end with a single-mode fiber. The rounded tip is able to induce cladding mode excitation, which resulted in(More)
We present a simple photonic crystal fiber interferometer (PCFI) that operates in reflection mode for pH measurement. The sensor is made by coating polyvinyl alcohol/polyacrylic acid (PVA/PAA) hydrogel onto the surface of the PCFI, constructed by splicing a stub of PCF at the distal end of a single-mode fiber with its free end airhole collapsed. The(More)
The effect of leaf water deficit on net CO(2) assimilation was studied under two conditions: in one, the stomata were allowed to contribute to the regulation of CO(2) assimilation; in the other, air was forced through the leaf at a constant rate to overcome the effects of change in stomatal resistance accompanying changes in leaf water deficit. When the(More)
A novel magneto-optical fiber modulator with a high extinction ratio (ER) based on a polarization interference structure is proposed. A magnetic fluid (MF) film and a section of a polarization-maintaining fiber (PMF) are inserted into the structure to generate a suitable sinusoidal interference spectrum for light modulation. The MF film leads to a spectrum(More)