Li Guoping

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LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is a mature remote sensing technology which can provide accurate elevation data for both topographic surfaces and above-ground objects. Derivation of accurate digital terrain models is one of its important applications, especially for complex scenes. In recent years, many different approaches have been developed to(More)
Supra- and infratentorial acute epidural hematoma (SIEDH) is a common type of posterior fossa epidural hematoma (PFEDH), representing 11- 64% of all PFEDHs. Although SIEDH is associated with typical characteristics, it might be difficult to diagnose when presenting as infratentorial acute epidural hematoma, which is clinically silent and has nonspecific(More)
Soil Desertification has severely threatened inner stability and sustainable development in arid areas, so extracting soil desertification information based on remote sensing and mastering its spatial distribution are of important practical significance. In this article, taking the Mu Us sand land as a case study, utilizing CBERS-02B including CCD data and(More)
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