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Notes on the Dacinae of southern China (Diptera: Tephritidae).
A 10-year survey, using host fruit sampling and male lure trapping methods, has detected 18 species of Bactrocera Macquart and Dacus Fabricius in southern China, of which four are of major economic importance. Expand
A Study on Quick Discrimination Among 6 Species of Fruit Flies (Tephritidae: Bactrocera ) in South China Based on PCR-RFLP
The method of quick discrimination among 6 species of fruit flies occurred or trapped from the South of China was studied based on PCR-RFLP of the mitochondrial DNA and it is suggested that the method is reliable for quick discrimination of Fruit flies. Expand
Analysis of space connection of urban agglomeration of Cheng-Yu Economic Zone based on city flows
With the quickening of the urbanization process of China,the development of the individual city can not meet demands of urbanization development.The forming of the urban agglomeration becomes theExpand
Analysis of urban competence of Chongqing and countermeasures
Chongqing's comprehensive urban competence leads other cities in the aspects of high comprehensive growth rate, high marketability, low comprehensive production rate, low per capita income, lowExpand
Exponential stability of stochastic differential (delay) equations with Markovian switching
We study stochastic differential equations and stochastic delay differential equations with Markovian switching, some sufficient conditions for the any pth monment exponential stability are obtained.Expand
Some Thoughts on Steel Pipe Scaffold of Steel Hang Fastener
To identify the structure of steel pipe scaffold of steel hang fastener,we must ensure that the steel fastener will not be affected by forces of side pressure,clipping and distorting.Side-draw steelExpand
Research of Data Transmission Encryption Based on DH Exchange
In this paper,aprotocol-based encryption and decryption algorithms was designed, how to genrate the encryption key was described briefly by DH exchanging, then Caesar algorithm was implemented, and the problem of encryption in real-time data transmission was solved. Expand
The Reinforcement Treatment of Reinforced Concrete Frame Column of a Project
The reinforced concrete frame column of a high-rise building with frame-shear wall structure partially has a vertical deviation during construction,thus affecting its structural function.AfterExpand
The Influence of Ll Negative Transfer on English Vocabulary Acquisition and Enlightenment
Transfer theorem and English-Chinese contrastive study is used to explore the relevance between L1 transfer and English vocabulary acquisition and some countermeasures are suggested to deal with the effect of L1 negative transfer. Expand
A Design of Random Signal Generator Based on Logistic-map
A random signal generator is designed and realized, which is made of SCMAT89C51 and other circuit components and can emit a stochastic signal and its hardware connecting and program flowchart are given. Expand