Li-Fu Bao

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Magnetostructural coupling, which is the coincidence of crystallographic and magnetic transition, has obtained intense attention for its abundant magnetoresponse effects and promising technological applications, such as solid-state refrigeration, magnetic actuators and sensors. The hexagonal Ni2In-type compounds have attracted much attraction due to the(More)
The most widespread cooling techniques based on gas compression/expansion encounter environmental problems. Thus, tremendous effort has been dedicated to develop alternative cooling technique and search for solid state materials that show large caloric effects. An application of pressure to a material can cause a change in temperature, which is called the(More)
Abnormal percolative transport in inhomogeneous systems has drawn increasing interests due to its deviation from the conventional percolation picture. However, its nature is still ambiguous partly due to the difficulty in obtaining controllable abnormal percolative transport behaviors. Here, we report the first observation of electric-field-controlled(More)
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