Li-Fen Liao

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The phospholipase protein superfamily plays an important role in hormonal signalling and cellular responses to environmental stimuli. There is also growing evidence for interactions between phospholipases and the cytoskeleton. In this report we used a pharmacological approach to investigate whether inhibiting a member of the phospholipase superfamily,(More)
Adsorption and reactions of 2-iodoethanol on TiO(2) have been studied by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. ICH(2)CH(2)OH possesses two reactive centers of C-I and C-OH. It is found that its decomposition leads to the formation of crotonaldehyde on TiO(2). A reaction sequence of ICH(2)CH(2)OH --> ICH(2)CH(2)O- --> CH(3)CHO --> CH(3)CH=CH-CHO is(More)
Teacher’s powers are one of the major factors influencing the cohesiveness of a virtual learning group. Many prior studies have examined the interactions of distance education, but few have discussed the behavior of knowledge sharing. This study examines the influence of teacher’s powers to students’ knowledge-sharing behavior. Data from 103(More)
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