Li-Fei Zou

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In the mononuclear title compound, [Cu(II)(C(18)H(12)N(2)O(2))(C(5)H(5)N)], the Cu(II) ion is coordinated by two O atoms and one N atom from the dianionic tridentate L(2-) ligand (H(2)L is 2-hy-droxy-1-naphthaldehyde benzoyl-hydrazide) and one N atom from a pyridine mol-ecule in a CuN(2)O(2) distorted square-planar coordination environment.
In the title complex, [Mn(2)(C(15)H(13)N(2)O(3))(3)]ClO(4)·CH(3)OH, the two Mn(II) ions are bridged by two phenolate O atoms from two ligands, forming an Mn(2)O(2) quadrangle. Each Mn(II) ion has a distorted octa-hedral coordination geometry. One Mn(II) ion is coordinated by two N atoms and four O atoms from two ligands, and the other is coordinated by one(More)
In the title mononuclear iron(III) complex, [Fe(C(15)H(13)N(2)O(3))(2)]Cl·H(2)O, the Fe(III) atom has a distorted octa-hedral geometry and is six-coordinated by four O atoms and two N atoms from two ligands. In the crystal structure, the complex cations, Cl(-) anions and water mol-ecules are connected into a chain along [100] through N-H⋯O, O-H⋯Cl and(More)
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