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Simulation and analysis of a seawater hydraulic relief valve in deep-sea environment
Abstract Considering the deformation of a designed seawater direct-acting relief valve (SDARV) in deep-sea environment, which has a significant influence on the dynamic performance, the mathematicExpand
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The effect of additives on the hydrogen storage properties of NaAlH4
Abstract The effect of Ti, Co, Ni and LaCl 3 on hydrogen release of NaAlH 4 was studied by pressure-content-temperature (PCT) equipment. The result showed that the sample doped with 3 mol% LaCl 3Expand
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The Geographical Distribution,Research Status and Developmental Utilization Prospect of Phoebe Nees Plant Resource of Our Country
This paper systematically introduced the geographical distribution law of Phoebe Nees plant in our country and the P.Nees plant resource distribution situation of every province,Summarized brieflyExpand
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Survey of the freezing injury of Phoebe chekiangensis seedlings around Nanjing
This paper is concerned with a survey of the freezing injury of Phoebe chekiangensis seedlings around Nanjing. The freezing injury rate of seedlings was different according to the different sowingExpand
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Method of multi-scale transformation: an experiments of coastline
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Scale characteristics of remote sensing information: a case of shoreline
The scale issue is the most important item in the remote sensing application. Expand
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Groundwater Movement in the Changxing Limestone Aquifer At the Longtan Coalfield, Huaying Mountain
This paper deals with groundwater movement in Changxing limestone aquifer at Longtan Coalfield,Huaying mountain,expounding the groundwater recharge area,groundwater runoff and groundwater dischargeExpand
On the Practice of Directing the Officials by Morality
The key to Ruling by Morality is to direct officials by morality to carry out the thought of directing officials by morality throughout the CPC's work of directing officials. We should pay muchExpand
Theoretical analysis about the influence of channel layer thickness on the 2D electron gas and its distribution in InP-based high-electron-mobility transistors
The principle of high-electron-mobility transistor (HEMT) and the property of two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) have been analyzed theoretically. The concentration and distribution of 2DEG inExpand
Clinical Survey of 32 Cases of Anterior Vaginal Wall Bridge Repairment on Anterior Vaginal Wall Prolapse
Objective:To investigate the therapeutic effect of anterior vaginal wall bridge repairment(AVWBR) on anterior vaginal wall prolapse(AVWP).Methods:A retrospective study was completed on 60 patientsExpand