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In this paper, an implicit numerical scheme of diffusion smoothing is given for both intensity and depth images, which uses a changeable time step to reduce the computation. Emphasised is a "small leakage" diffusion model as an efficient way to maintain both boundary position and curvature signs along the surface boundary in smoothing, which wi l l be(More)
Disparity can be estimated from the local phase differences between a pair of stereo images after Gabor filterings. In this paper, some phase differencing algorithms are discussed from the point of view of numerical computation. They are all categorised as certain types of Newton iterations, hence are restricted by the preconditions of Newton iterations.(More)
schemes, it provides a uniform theoretical base for some other smoothing methods. It has shown that the elegant Gaussian smoothing (GS) is equivalent to the initial value problem of DS, and the widely-used Repeated Averaging (RA) is a special case of the explicit DS. This paper further proves that Spline smoothing (SS) is a special case of the explicit DS(More)
Disparity can be estimated using the phase differences between a pair of stereo images after Gabor filtering. In this paper a simple method is proposed for target detection, which uses shift-trials of phase differences to detect the mean disparity over the sampling window up to the precision of one pixel (the sampling interval unit). The process is posed as(More)
  • Li-Dong Cai
  • Third International Conference on Image and…
  • 2004
The relative motion between the camera and the scene leads to blurring of images. By appealing to traveling wave equations, the restoration of the motion-blurred images can be achieved and a criterion of objective quality assessment can be obtained for these restored versions even without any a priori knowledge of the original image. Most significantly,(More)
Molecular sieve loaded catalyst was prepared by impregnation method, microwave-absorbing material silicon carbide and the catalyst were investigated for catalytic oxidation of toluene by microwave irradiation. Research work examined effects of silicon carbide and molecular sieve loading Cu-V catalyst's mixture ratio as well as mixed approach changes on(More)