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Understanding the origins and roles of cardiac progenitor cells is important for elucidating the pathogenesis of congenital and acquired heart diseases. Moreover, manipulation of cardiac myocyte progenitors has potential for cell-based repair strategies for various myocardial disorders. Here we report the identification in mouse of a previously unknown(More)
A novel microelectronic "pill" has been developed for in situ studies of the gastro-intestinal tract, combining microsensors and integrated circuits with system-level integration technology. The measurement parameters include real-time remote recording of temperature, pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. The unit comprises an outer biocompatible capsule(More)
– In this paper, we formulate coverage requirements of the sensor network as a minimum-cost connectivity guaranteed point k-coverage problem. An improved ant colony algorithm (EasiDesign) is proposed to achieve the approximate solution to this optimization problem. We made modifications in the convergence strategy and the ant state transition rule of the(More)
Recent studies have demonstrated that the LIM homeodomain transcription factor Islet1 (Isl1) marks pluripotent cardiovascular progenitor cells and is required for proliferation, survival, and migration of recently defined second heart field progenitors. Factors that are upstream of Isl1 in cardiovascular progenitors have not yet been defined. Here we(More)
Maturation of wild-type CFTR nascent chains at the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) occurs inefficiently; many disease-associated mutant forms do not mature but instead are eliminated by proteolysis involving the cytosolic proteasome. Although calnexin binds nascent CFTR via its oligosaccharide chains in the ER lumen and Hsp70 binds CFTR cytoplasmic domains,(More)
Membrane transporters of the adenine nucleotide binding cassette (ABC) superfamily utilize two either identical or homologous nucleotide binding domains (NBDs). Although the hydrolysis of ATP by these domains is believed to drive transport of solute, it is unknown why two rather than a single NBD is required. In the well studied P-glycoprotein multidrug(More)
Curcuma longa is a major constituent of Xiaoyao-san, the traditional Chinese medicine, which has been used to effectively manage stress and depression-related disorders in China. As the active component of curcuma longa, curcumin possesses many therapeutic properties; we have previously described its antidepressant activity in our earlier studies using the(More)
To learn more about salivirus/klassevirus, we tested feces of children with diarrhea in China during 2008-2009. We isolated the virus from 9/216 diarrhea samples and 0/96 control samples. The nearly full polyprotein of 1 isolate, SH1, showed 95% identity with a salivirus from Nigeria, indicating widespread distribution and association with diarrhea.
In this study, we first investigated the prevalence of astrovirus in stools of dogs with and without diarrhea in Shanghai, China. Of all the specimens, 22 (12.02%) from the 183 dogs with diarrhea and none (0%) from the 138 healthy controls were positive for astrovirus. Furthermore, we cloned partial sequences of ORF1b (442 bp) and the entire sequences of(More)