Li Chunlin

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The paper studies multi-layer optimization in service oriented cloud computing to optimize the utility function of cloud computing, subject to resource constraints of an IaaS provider at the resource layer, service provisioning constraints of a SaaS provider at the service layer, and user QoS (quality of service) constraints of cloud users at application(More)
Currently, mobile devices are becoming the popular instrument for accessing the cloud environment. Mobile devices are resource and energy limited; they can rely on cloud computing resource to perform computationally intensive operations such as data mining and multimedia processing. This paper presents the cost and energy aware service provisioning scheme(More)
This paper proposes a special System Architecture for Multi-tenancy SaaS Service (SAMSS), which studies the performance security issues at the business logic layer and data processing layer respectively. The Kalman filtering Admission Control algorithm (KAC) and the Greedy Copy Management algorithm (GCM) are proposed. At the business logic layer, Kalman(More)
To ensure the Quality of Service (QoS) of the high-priority requests, the paper proposes a Congestion Control Algorithm of Multi-Priority (CCAMP) which differentiates the QoS according to the priorities, CCAMP reserves queue buffer for the high-priority packets by dropping the low-priority packets in a certain probability. Moreover, the paper presents an(More)
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