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This paper proposes a novel visible watermarking scheme that is based on dynamic images and preserves context integrity. In our approach, the watermark is divided into many sub-watermarks, and then we utilize the visible watermark method to hide the sub-watermarks into difference images. When the dynamic image with the hidden watermark is done, the human(More)
Algal blooms cause great damage to water quality and aquaculture. However, this study showed that dead algal cells and chlorophyll could accelerate the photo-transformation of benzo[a]pyrene (BaP), a ubiquitous and persistent pollutant with potently mutagenic and carcinogenic toxicities, under visible light irradiation. Chlorophyll was found to be the major(More)
Soils in the alpine grassland store a large amount of nitrogen (N) due to slow decomposition. However, the decomposition could be affected by climate change, which has profound impacts on soil N cycling. We investigated the changes of soil total N and five labile N stocks in the topsoil, the subsoil and the entire soil profile in response to three years of(More)
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