Li-Chun Lai

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Infusions of isotopically labeled [3H] androstenedione with measurement of [3H] estrone in normal breast and breast tumor tissue have been carried out in an attempt to determine the contribution that aromatization makes to the estrogen content of breast tissues. After infusion of [3H] androstenedione for 12h there was significant uptake of this steroid by(More)
Gross cystic breast disease is a common condition. Women with apocrine breast cysts may be at higher risk of breast cancer than women with cysts which are lined by flattened epithelium. Apocrine cysts have been shown to be associated with higher intracystic levels of dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate and intracystic sodium to potassium ratios of less than 3.(More)
Contrast enhancement plays a crucial role in the field of image processing. Histogram equalization is a simple and automatic method for contrast enhancement. Conventional contrast-enhancement techniques, such as histogram specification and contrast stretching, require manual parameters to achieve satisfactory results. To automatically produce enhanced(More)
Implementation of an outdoor navigation system for a mobile robot is described in this paper. In this system, two optical encoders are used to perform dead-reckoning for the mobile robot. Meanwhile, an electronic compass and a GPS receiver are used for self-localization of the robot. Fusing the sensory data from dead-reckoning and self-localization,(More)