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The objective of this study is to design a robot system to assist the rehabilitation of patients so that they can afterwards do various daily activities. It is difficult to determine the desirable posture of a 9-DOFs exoskeleton manipulator in such a system and each joint control design as well. In this paper, we resolve the difficulties by mapping the(More)
This paper presents an assistive control system with a special kinematic structure of an upper limb rehabilitation robot embedded with force/torque sensors. A dynamic human model integrated with sensing torque is used to simulate human interaction under three rehabilitation modes: active mode, assistive mode, and passive mode. The hereby proposed(More)
Broadcast in radio-based wireless networks has been a difficult problem. When a node broadcasts, all nodes within its radio coverage will attempt to relay the message by rebroadcasting, causing excessive radio communication in the region that leads to the broadcast storm problem. Most previous solutions assumed a perfect radio condition with a static,(More)
Electronic word of mouth (eWOM) has been an important factor influencing consumer purchase decisions. Using the ABC model of attitude, this study proposes a model to explain how eWOM affects online discussion forums. Specifically, we propose that platform (Web site reputation and source credibility) and customer (obtaining buying-related information and(More)
Integrating the uses and gratifications theory (U&G theory) with the dual mediation hypothesis (DMH), this research proposes and empirically tests a model aimed at understanding how a ripple effect, a phenomenon that causes marketing messages to diffuse more extensively due to the message receivers’ decisions to spreading the messages through their social(More)
Using the dual mediation hypothesis, this study investigates the role of interestingness (the power of attracting or holding one's attention) attitude towards the news, in the formation of Facebook Fan Page users' electronic word-of-mouth intentions. A total of 599 Facebook fan page users in Taiwan were recruited and structural equation modeling (SEM) was(More)