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BACKGROUND Factors affecting quality of life (QOL) ratings for people with dementia (PWD) have been well studied, but few studies have examined the effect of residence on PWD- and caregiver-rated QOL for PWDs. We designed this study to determine the factors related to PWD- and caregiver-rated QOL in dementia as well as factors related to the discrepancy in(More)
PURPOSE This study evaluated the effects of a potentiality education program on potentiality and job satisfaction among psychiatric nurses. DESIGN AND METHODS This quasiexperimental study recruited 59 psychiatric nurses, of whom 26 were assigned to an experimental group, based on their interest in participating in the program, and 33 to a control group.(More)
AIM AND OBJECTIVES Investigate the use of respite care among family caregivers and examine factors related to their willingness to use such care. BACKGROUND Respite care is a pivotal service for supporting family caregivers. Although research related to respite care is not a new field in western societies, such studies have rarely been done for Asian(More)
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