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The inboard tourism demand forecasting is very important to the development of tourism industry. In this paper, the SVR model is adopted to forecast monthly inbound tourism demand of China. And the elitist Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm (NSGAII) is used to parameter optimization. The NSGAII algorithm can reduce complexity of the algorithm, keeps(More)
Traditional teaching style has advantage in transmitting large amount knowledge to students with systematic logic and with strong emotional contact between teachers and students. Online delivery system is valuable in providing flexible learning experience and meeting diversified needs of student. Blended learning is a pedagogy that combines the features of(More)
This paper introduces the basic concepts of cloud computing and the characteristics of GIS software engineering, and analyzes the impact of cloud computing on the GIS software development. It discusses the GIS software engineering design method under the cloud computing environment from the aspect of GIS software architecture, development organizations and(More)
With the combination of information technology and the theory of design pattern, this article focuses on the analysis and comparison of the principles and methods in the business layer design of an information system. The principles of three design patterns, namely business delegate, factory pattern and dependency injection were introduced with in-depth and(More)
More and more attentions have been focus on collaborative learning in recent year, and Diigo, a “social annotation” website, which combines social bookmarking, extract, annotate, tag, and full-text search function, is seen as an effective tools to foster collaborative learning. This paper analyzes the functions and features of Diigo and(More)
Vocabulary acquisition has become a critical criterion for the Chinese English Majors. Since vocabulary serves as a basic constructing element in English learning. Mind-Mapping, a technique to organize and express knowledge visually and hierarchically might be a new strategy for the students to enlarge their vocabulary size. While the corpus-based data(More)
English proficiency is playing an important role in nearly every aspect of life: further education, job-huntng and career development. Lexical competence is regarded as one of the key factors to English learning. With traditional teaching method, students focus mostly on memorization of individual words and usage, which turn out to be boring and(More)
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