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The Chinese GNSS—System development and policy analysis
Abstract As the most successful dual-use technology at present the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) also has extensive recognition in China. China began developing navigation satellites inExpand
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Temporal-spatial variations and influencing factors of Lakes in inland arid areas from 2000 to 2017: a case study in Xinjiang
Abstract Lakes are the most important water resource in arid and semi-arid regions and are good indicators of climate change. The study of lake expansion and contraction can reveal importantExpand
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History of the Definition and Treatment of Chronic Cervicitis
Chronic cervicitis is considered to be the most common genital tract inflammation in the previous clinical categorization,and is caused by the incomplete treatment of acute cervictitis.Over theExpand
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Agronomy in space – China’s crop breeding program
Abstract Using the US-coined concept of space industrialization and reflecting the ongoing creation of a space economy, this paper maintains that China’s 20-odd years of practice and achievement inExpand
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Assessment of spatio-temporal variations in vegetation cover in Xinjiang from 1982 to 2013 based on GIMMS-NDVI
The aim of this study was to adopt the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) data provided by the Global Inventor Modeling and Mapping Studies (GIMMS) of NASA and combine them with the globalExpand
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Aberrant Methylation in CpG Islands of p15 and p16 Tumor Suppressor Genes in Pancreatic Cancer Tissue
Objective: To detect the aberrant methylation patterns in the CpG islands of p16 and p15 tumor suppressor genes, and to analyze its correlation with pancreatic carcinogenesis and withExpand
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Application of remote sensing and fuzzy math to study of suspended sediments diffusion near the Huanghe River delta
Sediment grain size parameters and the percent of sand and clay near the Huanghe River Delta are used to estimate the Huanghe River load diffusion with fuzzy analysis. The results are confirmed byExpand
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Common Technology of Comparative Data Paging Asp.net
In this paper,through actual data testing,the mentioned three kinds of data are compared and the performance of the paging mode is studied.In Web applications,database queries often have a large number of eligible query results,but a lot of data transfer is very time-consuming,and also affects the interface appearance.Therefore,technological research of database query page is very necessary. Expand
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Synthesis and chemiluminescence of 5,12-bis(phenylethynyl) naphthacene
Phthalic anhydride reacts with naphthalene to give 2-α-naphthoyl benzoic acid with the yield of 63%.Under the catalysis of a mixture of anhydrous AlCl_3 and NaCl,5,12-naphthacenequinone with theExpand