Li-Cheng Lu

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Ellagic acid (EA) is able to inhibit the growth of several cancer cells; however, its effect on human ovarian carcinoma cells has not yet been investigated. Ovarian carcinoma ES-2 and PA-1 cells were treated with EA (10~100  μ M) and assessed for viability, cell cycle, apoptosis, anoikis, autophagy, and chemosensitivity to doxorubicin and their molecular(More)
A driving scheme using a pair of differential voltages (Vx, Vy) over a bias voltage is proposed to linearize the dc characteristic (angle versus voltage) of a two-axis MEMS scanner. The micromirror has a gimbal-less structure and is driven by vertical comb-drive actuators in conjunction with a leverage mechanism. At an optimal bias voltage of 53 V, a linear(More)
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