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Efficient genome modification by CRISPR-Cas9 nickase with minimal off-target effects
This work has shown that co-microinjection of mouse embryos with Cas9 mRNA and single guide RNAs induces on-target and off-target mutations that are transmissible to offspring, but Cas9 nickase can be used to efficiently mutate genes without detectable damage at known off- target sites. Expand
Rad23 links DNA repair to the ubiquitin/proteasome pathway
It is demonstrated that ubiquitin-like domains (UbLs) represent a new class of proteasome-interacting motifs and that Rad23 interacts with the 26S proteasomes through an amino-terminal UbLR23 domain (UbLR23). Expand
α-Synuclein phosphorylation controls neurotoxicity and inclusion formation in a Drosophila model of Parkinson disease
The role of phosphorylation of Ser129 in α-synuclein toxicity and inclusion formation is defined using a Drosophila model of Parkinson disease to show that increased number of inclusion bodies correlates with reduced toxicity, and inclusion bodies may protect neurons from α- synucleinoxicity. Expand
Molecular Evidence of Persistent Epidemic and Evolution of Subgenotype B1 Coxsackievirus A16-Associated Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease in China
ABSTRACT The molecular epidemiology of CVA16 in China between 1999 and 2008 reflects a pattern of endemic cocirculation of clusters B1a and B1b within subgenotype B1 viruses. The annual evolutionExpand
A Large Insertion in bHLH Transcription Factor BrTT8 Resulting in Yellow Seed Coat in Brassica rapa
expression analysis revealed that BrTT8 was involved in controlling the late biosynthetic genes (LBGs) of the flavonoid pathway, which is an important oil yielding quality trait of the Brassica species. Expand
In silico detection and characteristics of novel microRNA genes in the Equus caballus genome using an integrated ab initio and comparative genomic approach.
This study will provide a reference point for further study on miRNAs identification in animals and improve the understanding of genome in horse. Expand
Exposure assessment of phthalates in non-occupational populations in China.
There was a time-dependent increase in ∑phthalates (total phthalates) and DEHP concentrations in air during the past 10 years; phthalate concentrations varied in different areas, among which Guangdong and northeast China were the most polluted. Expand
Acute hepatitis B infection associated with drug-resistant hepatitis B virus.
  • Z. Xu, Y. Liu, +7 authors Dongping Xu
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of clinical virology : the official…
  • 1 August 2010
Drug-resistant HBV strains, including those not resistant to lamivudine, are transmissible and can cause acute hepatitis B in China. Expand
Evolution and Diversity of the Antimicrobial Resistance Associated Mobilome in Streptococcus suis: A Probable Mobile Genetic Elements Reservoir for Other Streptococci
Results showed that acquisition of M GEs confers S. suis not only its capability as a multidrug resistance pathogen, but also represents a paradigm to study the modular evolution and matryoshkas of MGEs. Expand
Using Synthetic Biology to Distinguish and Overcome Regulatory and Functional Barriers Related to Nitrogen Fixation
The entire K. pneumoniae nif gene cluster was reassembled as operon-based BioBrick parts in Escherichia coli and a T7 RNA polymerase–LacI expression system was used to replace the σ54-dependent promoters located upstream of nif operons. Expand