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For a finite group G and a subset S of G which does not contain the identity of G , let Cay(G , S) denote the Cayley graph of G with respect to S. If , for all subsets S , T of G of size m , Cay(G , S) Х Cay(G , T) implies S ␣ ϭ T for some ␣ ෈ Aut(G) , then G is said to have the m-DCI property. In this paper , a classification is presented of the cyclic(More)
Sins has accumulated some error when UUV entered in matching region, so it is necessary to make use of appropriate signal integration strategy to estimate error for ensuring the precision of subsequent sailing. On base of building system nonlinear error model, UKF filter was proposed which used the information from underwater terrain matching and depth(More)
Traditional sculling algorithms make use of incremental output of gyros and accelerometers to design algorithms, when they are applied to fiber-optical gyro (FOG) strap down inertial system (SINS), whose gyros output angular rate signal, we should simulate incremental signals by angular rate, which not only increases design difficulty but also reduce(More)
It is usually accepted that UKF can be used in the form of state non-expansion when noise is additive, in order to prove it incorrect, we made use of scaled symmetric set unscented transformation to deduce and explain the difference in the situation of complicated additive noise model, theory deduction results indicated there were differences between(More)
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