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The World Wide Web has become such an extensive health information repository in the world that it is increasingly difficult to search for relevant medical information. Many search tools have been developed to help users look for relevant health information on the web, but most of them are still not efficient. In this paper, we discuss some available(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate implementation of the National Essential Medicines Scheme (NEMS) in rural China. METHODS Two rural counties/districts in each of three provinces where NEMS had been implemented were surveyed. Information was collected from NEMS staff at the province, county/district, township and village levels; patients with chronic disease were(More)
The K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) algorithm for text categorization is applied to CET4 essays. In this paper, each essay is represented by the vector space model (VSM). After removing the stop words, we chose the words, phrases and arguments as features of the essays, and the value of each vector is expressed by the term frequency and inversed document frequency(More)
A new genetic algorithm based on the quantum probability representation (GAQPR) is proposed, in which each individual evolves independently; a new crossover operator is designed to integrate searching processes of multiple individuals into a more efficient global searching process; a new mutation operator is also proposed. The algorithm is used to discover(More)
Rye and wheat can easily be crossed, providing the possibility to create disomic addition lines, which contain a pair of homologous chromosomes of rye in the genetic background of wheat. We obtained and used a set of Chinese Spring-Imperial (CS-IMP) disomic addition lines for facilitating the location of genes responsible for P starvation tolerance and root(More)
We have searched the Bombyx mori genome for members of the major enzyme family, the Cytochrome P450s, which carry out multiple reactions to enable organisms to rid themselves of foreign compounds. As a result, 86 putative P450s were discovered in silkworm genome, which are thought to belong to 32 subfamilies. A comparative genomic analysis with Drosophila(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Several studies revealed clinical signs of stunting and rickets among rural populations of Tibet Autonomous Region (T.A.R.), and especially amid children. Further, these populations are affected by a bone disease named Kashin-Beck disease (KBD). However, little is known about the dietary status of this population. This survey aimed(More)
Through in silico screens, we have identified many previously uncharacterized genes that display similar expression patterns as the mouse Dazl gene, a germ line-specific marker. Here, we report the identification and characterization of one of these novel genes. TSAP gene encodes a protein with 350 amino acids and contains five ankyrin repeats and a PEST(More)