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Recently, sparse representation has been applied to visual tracking to find the target with the minimum reconstruction error from the target template subspace. Though effective, these L1 trackers require high computational costs due to numerous calculations for `1 minimization. In addition, the inherent occlusion insensitivity of the `1 minimization has not(More)
Due to the robustness of Gabor features against local distortions caused by variance of illumination, expression and pose, they have been successfully applied for face recognition. The Facial Recognition Technology (FERET) evaluation and the recent Face Verification Competition (FVC2004) have seen the top performance of Gabor feature based methods. This(More)
Insulin-stimulated GLUT4 translocation is central to glucose homeostasis. Functional assays to distinguish individual steps in the GLUT4 translocation process are lacking, thus limiting progress toward elucidation of the underlying molecular mechanism. Here we have developed a robust method, which relies on dynamic tracking of single GLUT4 storage vesicles(More)
The radiofrequency (RF) transmit field is severely inhomogeneous at ultrahigh field due to both RF penetration and RF coil design issues. This particularly impairs image quality for sequences that use inversion pulses such as magnetization prepared rapid acquisition gradient echo and limits the use of quantitative arterial spin labeling sequences such as(More)
BACKGROUND Experimental evidence suggests that ethanol alters the activity of the endogenous opioid peptide systems in a dose and brain-region dependent manner. These alterations may influence the processes of ethanol reward and reinforcement. Thus, it was the objective of this study to investigate the response of the 3 major opioid peptide systems(More)
Although endocytosis maintains synaptic transmission, how endocytosis is initiated is unclear. We found that calcium influx initiated all forms of endocytosis at a single nerve terminal in rodents, including clathrin-dependent slow endocytosis, bulk endocytosis, rapid endocytosis and endocytosis overshoot (excess endocytosis), with each being evoked with a(More)
Brain tractography techniques utilize a set of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance images to reconstruct white matter tracts, non-invasively and in-vivo. Streamline tracking techniques propagate curves from a seed to imply connectivity to distal voxels. Alternative approaches have been developed that attempt to quantify connection strength between all(More)
Insulin-stimulated GLUT4 translocation to the plasma membrane constitutes a key process for blood glucose control. However, convenient and robust assays to monitor this dynamic process in real time are lacking, which hinders current progress toward elucidation of the underlying molecular events as well as screens for drugs targeting this particular pathway.(More)