Li Alex Li

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In molecular biology, the issue of quantifying the similarity between two biological sequences is very important. Past research has shown that word-based search tools are computationally efficient and can find some new functional similarities or dissimilarities invisible to other algorithms like FASTA. Recently, under the independent model of base(More)
Keywords: Wideband bistatic MIMO radar Alpha-stable distribution model Parameter estimation FLOS-FPSD-MUSIC algorithm FLOS-FPSD-ESPRIT algorithm a b s t r a c t This paper takes the alpha-stable distribution as the noise model and works on the parameter estimation problem of wideband bistatic Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) radar system in the(More)
Intellectual recognition method for the reliability distribution models based on neural network integration has been studied. Normal distribution, Weibull distribution and logarithmic normal distribution are tested and analyzed. The simulation test results tell us that the intellectual recognition system has high confidence degree and high recognition rate,(More)
Blenders with mechanical transmission system always have problems such as sealing wear and leakage etc. so magnetic transmission might be a good alternative solution. Structural design of the new blender has been made, i.e. the selection and layout of the magnetic circuit, the magnetic gap, magnetic rotor length-radius ratio, the thickness of magnet and(More)
Convergence times of the algorithm when applied to four different 130-node networks, each partitioned into two, three and four subnetworks. Number of nodes Number of cutlines Total subsystems solution time (s) Number of subsystem iterations Time taken to Coordinate (s) Confidence limit analysis time (s) Total solution time (s) divided into four, Table 2(More)
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