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The problems existing in standard particle filter include large computation and particle degeneration, and a novel particle filter based on propagation and prediction is proposed to solve the problems. In this method, particles after state transition are propagated according to the distribution of state noise, and then the generated filial particles are(More)
Pointed to the disadvantages such as low recognizing precision, long training time and limited recognizing range of single neural network in eddy current testing, layered multi-subnet neural network is presented. It is composed by a sumnet and several layered subnets, and can divide a complex task into a series of subtasks, so it could quickly identify(More)
How to improve position precision via fusing radar multi-position data in radar imaging matching is one of research focus. In order to resolve the problem, a novel data fusion method called STCF (Space-Time Crossing Fusion) method is proposed. The method is fusing the associated data which is mined in the position results, in other words, the STCF fuse all(More)
The condition monitoring of equipment is very significant to keep the security of equipment working, reduce the cost of equipment maintenance and advance the utility of equipment. Spot inspection is an advanced mode of information acquiring. The thesis analyses the developing trend of the system, according to the new requirement of the modern equipment(More)
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