Lhouari Nourine

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This paper presents a simple, efficient algorithm to compute the covering graph of the lattice generated by a family B of subsets of a set X. The implementation of this algorithm has O((|X| + |B|) · |B|) time complexity per lattice element. This improves previous algorithms of Bordat (1986), Ganter and Kuznetsov (1998) and Jard et al. (1994). This algorithm(More)
A dominating set D in a graph is a subset of its vertex set such that each vertex is either in D or has a neighbour in D. In this paper, we are interested in an output-sensitive enumeration algorithm of (inclusionwise) minimal dominating sets in graphs, called Dom problem. It was known that this problem can be polynomially reduced to the well known(More)
Conditional Functional Dependencies (CFDs) are Functional Dependencies (FDs) that hold on a fragment relation of the original relation. In this paper, we show the hierarchy between FDs, CFDs and Association Rules (ARs): FDs are the union of CFDs while CFDs are the union of ARs. We also show the link between Approximate Functional Dependencies (AFDs) and(More)