Leyla Demir

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OBJECTIVE Acquired partial lipodystrophy (APL) is a rare disorder characterized by progressive selective fat loss. In previous studies, metabolic abnormalities were reported to be relatively rare in APL, whilst they were quite common in other types of lipodystrophy syndromes. METHODS In this nationwide cohort study, we evaluated 21 Turkish patients with(More)
INTRODUCTION Preanalytical errors, along the process from the beginning of test requests to the admissions of the specimens to the laboratory, cause the rejection of samples. The aim of this study was to better explain the reasons of rejected samples, regarding to their rates in certain test groups in our laboratory. MATERIALS AND METHODS This preliminary(More)
CONTEXT Congenital generalized lipodystrophy (CGL) is a rare autosomal recessive disorder characterized by near-total lack of body fat. OBJECTIVE We aimed to study natural history and disease burden of various subtypes of CGL. DESIGN We attempted to ascertain nearly all patients with CGL in Turkey. SETTING This was a nationwide study. PATIENTS OR(More)
The buffer allocation problem is an NP-hard combinatorial optimization problem and it is an important research issue in designing manufacturing systems. The problem deals with finding optimal buffer sizes to be allocated into buffer areas in a production system to achieve a specific objective. This paper presents a comprehensive survey on buffer allocation(More)
The buffer allocation problem, i.e. how much buffer storage to allow and where to place it within the line, is an important research issue in designing production lines. In this study, buffer allocation problem is solved for unreliable non-homogeneous production lines. The objective is to maximize the throughput of the line under buffer capacity(More)
AIMS To describe the phenotype associated with a novel heterozygous missense PPARG mutation discovered in a Turkish family and to compare the fat distribution and metabolic characteristics of subjects with the peroxisome proliferator activator receptor -γ (PPARG) mutation with those of a cluster of patients with familial partial lipodystrophy with classic(More)
OBJECTIVE Partial lipodystrophy of the limbs (PLL) is a newly described form of lipodystrophy that is characterized by symmetrical distal lipoatrophy of the limbs and insulin resistant diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS In this study, we prospectively screened our patients with type 2 diabetes for the presence of PLL phenotype. Metabolic parameters of(More)
PURPOSE The adipose tissue plays a role in carcinogenesis with the adipokines it generates. Apelin is an anti-obesigenic adipokine, and assumes roles in both vascularization and tumor cell proliferation. The present study aimed to investigate changes in apelin levels, in postmenopausal breast cancer (BC) patients receiving aromatase inhibitors (AIs). (More)