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Reexpansion pulmonary edema*
Reexpansion pulmonary edema (RPE) is a rare, but frequently lethal, clinical condition. The precise pathophysiologic abnormalities associated with this disorder are still unknown, though decreasedExpand
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Versatile reconstruction framework for diffraction tomography with intensity measurements and multiple scattering
  • MMANUEL, OUBIES, +9 authors NSER
  • 2018
Taking benefit from recent advances in both phase retrieval and estimation of refractive indices from holographic measurements, we propose a unified framework to reconstruct them from intensity-onlyExpand
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Surgical management of bladder stones : literature review
  • Duardo, AZZUCCHI, +4 authors OELHO
  • 2013
Bladder stones are rare and in most cases occur in adult men with bladder outlet obstruction. Currently, there are few data on the best treatment of this disease. The aim of this review is to discussExpand
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Hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal function in men with liver cirrhosis before and after liver transplantation
Objective: To evaluate the influence of end-stage liver disease and orthotopic liver transplantation in the pituitary function and hormone metabolism before and after liver transplantation. Methods:Expand
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Tobacco experimental model to induce urinary bladder neoplasms
Purpose: To develop experimental models to evaluate the effects of the cigarette smoking in urinary bladder.Methods: Thirty young male Wistar rats divided in 2 groups , respectively simulatingExpand
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Procedure to decouple reflectance and downshifting effects in luminescent downshifting enhanced photovoltaics
The down-shifting (DS) process is a purely optical approach used to improve the short-wavelength response of a solar cell by shifting high-energy photons to the visible range, which can be moreExpand
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Subretinal fibrosis in Stargardt ’ s disease : case report
  • Lexandre, CHILLE, +8 authors SKOROSTENSKI
  • 2012
Stargardt’s disease (STGD) is a bilateral, symmetrical and progressive macular dystrophy that usually starts between the ages of 6 and 20 years and rapidly leads to loss of central vision. It is theExpand
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Ultrasound evaluation on carpal tunnel syndrome before and after bariatric surgery
Objective: To evaluate the prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome in candidates for bariatric surgery comparing with the non-obese population and verify the effects on it of bariatric treatment.Expand
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Characterization of particulate organic matter in a Guanabara Bay- coastal ocean transect using elemental, isotopic and molecular markers
  • ULIANNA, M. Ma, +12 authors ARREIRA
  • 2017
Particulate organic matter (POM) from two periods (summer and fall) was characterized in a transect along the transition of the Guanabara Bay to the coastal ocean by elemental composition (C and N),Expand
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