Lewlyn Lester Raj Rodrigues

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This paper deals with the development of a System Dynamics Model to optimize the stock in production and distribution points of a manufacturing supply chain. The variables of study include production start rate, work in progress, production rate, distribution inventory, distribution rate, and waste rate. The results depict that increase in stock reduces the(More)
The Indian automobile industry is experiencing an exponential rise in demand, but its sustainability is an issue due to the dynamic nature of the market and environmental conditions. This paper deals with the development of a system dynamic model to simulate Indian automobile market dynamics. The focus of the paper is to study the influence of three major(More)
This paper deals with the development of a System Dynamics model for the trading system. Simulation is carried out for identifying the optimum space required for the class-A product of ABC analysis in the warehouse. As the Supplier ordering rate has a causal relationship with the available space in the warehouse, the variable Maximum warehouse capacity was(More)
Organizational Learning and Development (OLD) is the strategic competitiveness weapon for sustainability. A lot of research has been carried out to study both the Endogenous and Exogenous factors, which influence the learning within the project based organizations. A tool to study the dynamics of learning within the projects would help the managers to a(More)
Innovation is important to all organizations in all sectors. In a knowledge economy, the better use of knowledge can lead to faster, less risky and more vibrant innovation. A good Human Resource (HR) department in an organization ensures that all the employees are motivated to become knowledge workers and contribute towards organizational objectives. This(More)
The consumption of fossil fuels is increasing day by day due to the growing demand from industries, households and automobiles. As a result, the emissions of greenhouse gases are also on the rise. This not only causes various health problems, but also has ill effects on the environment such as global warming. On the other hand, the fuel prices have been(More)
This paper focuses on the quality management of newer higher educational institutions through ABET criterion. The method used in this research is model-based simulation to support the decision making. Standard methodology adopted in System Dynamics (SD) is used for modelling and simulation. The simulation results have indicated that the optimum time based(More)