Lewis W. Mayron

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  • L W Mayron
  • Journal of abnormal child psychology
  • 1978
The following commentary is designed to explain the experimental differences between the foregoing negative article by O'Leary, Rosenbaum, and Hughes and the original articles in this field, whose results were positive. These differences fall under the general categories of subjects, lights, measurements, and design.
Krypton-81m, a radionuclide emitting a 190 kev gamma ray, has a half-life of 13 seconds. It is a radioisotope of an inert water-soluble noble gas and is produced at a constant rate by spontaneous decay of rubidium-81 in an 81Rb-81mKr generator-delivery system. Delivery is through a minibore Teflon catheter that can be threaded through a standard no. 7 or 8F(More)
By multivariate analysis of nine laboratory variables, a discriminant function value has been derived that differentiated between a group of 106 drug abusers and a group of 100 normal controls.The variables were serum phosphorus, glucose, lactate dehydrogenase, aspartate aminotransferase, and hematocrit, total leukocyte count, polymorphonuclear leukocyte(More)
The development of the 81Rb-81mKr generator-delivery system has made available an ultrashort (13-sec) half-life radionuclide for continuous, constant-rate delivery as a gas, or as an isotonic, nonionic solution in 5% dextrose and water. This system has been evaluated and applied to the scintigraphic imaging of various organs and anatomic regions by(More)