Lewis W Cary

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The first 13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum of a cerebroside is reported. All signals of D-glucosylceramide (I), the cerebroside from human Gaucher's diseased liver, have been assigned by comparison of their chemical shifts with those of model compounds. This data has been used to demonstrate for the first time directly: (a) that the glucosyl moiety(More)
This work investigated the nanoconfinement effect on the molecular dynamics and phase transition of confined benzene inside titanate nanotubes with a uniform inner diameter of approximately 5.3 nm. For 13C-enriched organics, the 13C nuclear spin-spin relaxation was demonstrated as a sensitive tool to differentiate molecular translational motion and(More)
The 13C n.m.r. spectrum of Forssman hapten was obtained at 25.16 MHz in [3H] chloroform/[2H] methanol (1:1, v/v), using purified glycosphinogolipid from canine intestinal mucosa (glycolipid I). All amide, olefin, anomeric, intersaccharide glycosidic ether, amide linkage, methyl and many methylene resonances were resolved and assigned. Analysis of the(More)
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