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Active Learning (AL) methods seek to improve classifier performance when labels are expensive or scarce. We consider two central questions: Where does AL work? How much does it help? To address these questions, a comprehensive experimental simulation study of Active Learning is presented. We consider a variety of tasks, classifiers and other AL factors, to(More)
A central question for active learning (AL) is: " what is the optimal selection? " Defining optimality by classifier loss produces a new characterisation of optimal AL behaviour, by treating expected loss reduction as a statistical target for estimation. This target forms the basis of model retraining improvement (MRI), a novel approach providing a(More)
In many classification problems unlabelled data is abundant and a subset can be chosen for labelling. This defines the context of active learning (AL), where methods systematically select that subset, to improve a classifier by retraining. Given a classification problem, and a classifier trained on a small number of labelled examples, consider the selection(More)
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