Lewis Markoff

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The Delta30 deletion mutation, which was originally created in dengue virus type 4 (DEN4) by the removal of nucleotides 172 to 143 from the 3' untranslated region (3' UTR), was introduced into a homologous region of wild-type (wt) dengue virus type 1 (DEN1). The resulting virus, rDEN1Delta30, was attenuated in rhesus monkeys to a level similar to that of(More)
We investigated the requirements of the carboxyterminal sequence for surface expression of the influenza viral hemagglutinin (HA). Deletions in the cloned hemagglutinin gene were introduced at locations upstream from and spanning into the region that codes for the hydrophobic carboxyl terminus. Primate cells infected with recombinants of the deleted HA gene(More)
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