Lewis M. Terman

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Short, medium, and long on-chip interconnections having linewidths of 0.45–52 m are analyzed in a five-metallayer structure. We study capacitive coupling for short lines, inductive coupling for medium-length lines, inductance and resistance of the current return path in the power buses, and line resistive losses for the global wiring. Design guidelines and(More)
been made the responses are scored by the examiner who also computes the mental age and intelligence quotient and records the results in pencil on the blanks. For several years it has been my custom to go over each record carefully in order to call the attention of the student to errors in scoring and in the calculation of mental age and intelligence(More)
It is safe to say that all interested in neurology and the teaching of it have long felt the need of a book dealing with the physiology of the nervous system and its recent advances. To undertake the task of compiling such a book demands fortitude and a wide view of neurology. It is therefore fortunate that such a task has been attempted by Professor(More)
The primary goal of education has always been to develop in each individual the desire to achieve up to his/her maximum potential. One of the most important functions of public education is to discover the interests, aptitudes, and achievements of students and then to develop educational programmes appropriate for students population under consideration.(More)
California. Hardly any kind of educational endeavor is more beset by perplexities and problems than that relating to medical inspection of schools, and probably few states have become more acutely conscious of these difficulties than has California. Some of them she is meeting in a unique way, and though what was probably the most advanced step in this line(More)