Lewis J. Thomas

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Recent decades have seen a marked expansion in knowledge regarding human neurophysiology, and psychiatry is currently challenged with the task of integrating this information with a psychodynamic understanding of emotional life. In this paper we review portions of the relevant literature regarding the basic brain functions of affect, memory, and attachment,(More)
We are told that the trouble with Modern Man is that he has been trying to detach himself from nature. He sits in the topmost tiers of polymer, glass, and steel, dangling his pulsing legs, surveying at a distance the writhing life of the planet. In this scenario, Man comes on as a stupendous lethal force, and the earth is pictured as something delicate,(More)
Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) remains the most effective intravesical therapy for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer but will fail in up to 40% of patients. The ability to identify patients who are least likely to respond to further BCG therapy allows urologists to pursue secondary treatments more likely to convey a recurrence or survival benefit to the(More)
Experience in the design of computer-based patient monitoring and clinical physiologic research systems is drawn upon to suggest some useful design strategies and architectural configurations for such systems. Emphasis is placed on flexibility as an over-riding consideration for research systems in contrast to the level of specialization appropriate to(More)
Objective: To create the first data-driven definition for those unlikely to benefit from further BCG treatment. Materials and Methods: The database created for the Phase 2 BCG-Interferon-␣ 2B (IFN) study was queried and BCG failure patients were identified (n = 334). Full study protocols have previously been published. Separate models were constructed for(More)
For each chapter in the text, a section devoted to a historical perspective can be found on this CD. We may trace the develop ment of an idea through a series of machines or describe some important projects, and we provide references in case you are interested in probing further. The historical perspective for this chapter provides a back ground for some of(More)
A custom designed system employing advanced communication techniques<R>1,2</R> and unique video displays<R>3</R> for computer-based patient monitoring (see Figure 1) has been designed and built by the Washington University Biomedical Computer Laboratory in cooperation with the Department of Surgery and Barnes Hospital. Planning of(More)
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