Lewis Carter

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This paper presents an early exploration of the suitability of the Leap Motion controller for Australian Sign Language (Auslan) recognition. Testing showed that the controller is able to provide accurate tracking of hands and fingers, and to track movement. This detection loses accuracy when the hand moves into a position that obstructs the controller's(More)
Nature based tourism is a growing segment of the tourism industry, and tourism operators are facing growing challenges to the quality of their visitor experiences. We explored the application of virtual reality (VR) in this sector, and asked whether it can be successfully used in a natural setting. We found that there is great potential for the use of VR in(More)
The purpose of this panel is to explore the potential for emerging technology to engender social change. Technology is transformative, and has already seen innovative application in business and industry, and of course in relation to society and social networking. We will discuss the current state of 'emerging technology', and several perspectives of(More)
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