Lew B. Whitbourn

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Arrays of both annular and square annular slots in a conducting sheet on a dielectric substrate have been fabricated photolithographically. The structures are shown to behave as bandpass filters in the far infrared, with a resonant wavelength slightly larger than the average circumference or perimeter of the slot. The measured far-infrared transmittance of(More)
R. C. Compton, L. B. Whitbourn, and R. C. McPhedran R. C. McPhedran is with University of Sydney, School of Physics, Sydney NSW 2006, Australia. When this work was done the other authors were with CSIRO Division of Applied Physics, Lindfield, NSW 2070, Australia; R. C. Compton is now with California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California 91225 and L.(More)
The gain and the saturation intensity of optimized cw 337-microm lasers are shown empirically to vary inversely as tube diameter. An expression is then derived for the power of a waveguide laser as a function of geometrical parameters, losses, and coupling. For optimized coupling the power is a strong function of tube diameter with a well defined maximum.(More)
This paper describes the use and advantages of metallic strip gratings on dielectric substrates as output couplers for both optically pumped and discharge-excited submillimeter lasers. Formulas are presented for the calculation of transmittance and loss of such couplers, taking account of loss in the strip grating as well as loss and multiple reflections in(More)
This paper describes simple formulas for the phase shifts associated with reflection and transmission of electromagnetic waves by a thin periodic metal grid on a plane boundary between two lossless dielectrics, for the case where the wavelengths on both sides of the boundary are greater than the grid period. The phase shifts are expressed in terms of the(More)
A rigorous formulation is used to calculate the transmission properties of a thin, perfectly conducting biperiodic capacitive mesh on a dielectric boundary. The formulation is analogous to the well-known modal method used for inductive meshes, with the modal electric fields replaced by modal currents. Measurements made at submillimeter wavelengths are(More)
This study examines the application of Thermal Infrared (TIR) imaging and laboratory techniques to investigate the particle size of soil (e.g. texture) within the semi-arid environment of Fowlers Gap, western New South Wales. The imaging techniques included NASA’s Thermal Infrared Multispectral Scanner (TIMS) and the joint NASA-ERSDAC Advanced Thermal(More)