Levon Stepanian

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We introduce a strategy for inlining native functions into Java&#8482; applications using a JIT compiler. We perform further optimizations to transform inlined <i>callbacks</i> into semantically equivalent lightweight operations. We show that this strategy can substantially reduce the overhead of performing JNI calls, while preserving the key safety and(More)
Dynamic changes of anterior cortical areas activity under negative emotional strain at male and female teenage examinees were investigated. Dependence of anterior cortical activity changes on gender and initial conflictness level of examinees is determined, which is also confirmed by detected shifts in phychoemotional sphere.
Inlining Java Native Calls at Runtime 2005 Despite the overheads associated with the Java Native Interface (JNI), its opaque and binary-compatible nature make it the preferred interoperability mechanism for Java applications that use legacy, high-performance and architecture-dependent native code. This thesis addresses the performance issues associated with(More)
Dynamic changes in the amplitude of component P300 of the evoked potentials in different cortical areas were studied as an index of activity of cortical structures responsible for actualization of a computer game with aggressive content with regard for the level of initial aggression and conflict in behavior of adolescent subjects. Dynamic changes in(More)
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