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We introduce a strategy for inlining native functions into Java&#8482; applications using a JIT compiler. We perform further optimizations to transform inlined <i>callbacks</i> into semantically equivalent lightweight operations. We show that this strategy can substantially reduce the overhead of performing JNI calls, while preserving the key safety and(More)
Dynamic changes of anterior cortical areas activity under negative emotional strain at male and female teenage examinees were investigated. Dependence of anterior cortical activity changes on gender and initial conflictness level of examinees is determined, which is also confirmed by detected shifts in phychoemotional sphere.
The influence of virtual aggressogenic environment on psychoemotional sphere of male and female teenagers with different levels of personal aggression was studied by characteristics of the heart rate. The exposure to the aggressogenic factors produced a change of the centralized control for the autonomic control in female and male teenagers with the high(More)
Autonomic balance shifts were studied from the parameters of cardiac rhythm variability in subjects of both sexes with a varying conflict potential under the influence of a conflict-inducing factor. There was autonomic balance displacement towards a reduced sympathotonus in conflict subjects irrespective of gender and in non-conflict girls during simulation(More)
Dynamic changes in the amplitude of component P300 of the evoked potentials in different cortical areas were studied as an index of activity of cortical structures responsible for actualization of a computer game with aggressive content with regard for the level of initial aggression and conflict in behavior of adolescent subjects. Dynamic changes in(More)
Impact of aggressive assignment performance on cardiac rhythm was studied in adolescents, by taking into account permanent aggressiveness and autonomic tendency in the examinees. The adolescents with high baseline aggressiveness were found to have a lower Kerdo autonomic index while the latter was not observed in those with low baseline aggressiveness.(More)
Cardiac rhythm variability was studied in examinees of both sexes with varying aggressiveness during simulation of the virtual aggressogenic environment. Central regulation showed a shift towards autonomic one in highly aggressive examinees of both sexes and in lowly aggressive girls and there was a preponderance of central regulation in lowly aggressive(More)
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