Levon Gasparian

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Hydroxylation at an asparagine residue at the COOH-terminal activation domain of hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF)-1/2 alphas is essential for its inactivation under normoxic condition. To date, the mechanism by which HIF-alpha avoids the inhibitory effect of asparagine hydroxylase in renal cell carcinoma (RCC) in normoxia is undefined. We have shown herein(More)
We studied the effect of aminazine on transcallosal response in kittens during different periods of postnatal ontogenesis. We demonstrate that at the beginning, aminazine does not influence transcallosal response, but from Days 7-12 after birth, it leads to full inhibition of the negative component. In older kittens, aminazine also reverses late components(More)
In acute experiments on 3-30-day kittens, recording the evoked potentials, studies have been made on the development and maturation of sensorimotor parietal associative and transcallosal responses (TCR). At early ontogenetic stages, these TCR are presented by single negative oscillation, strictly localized, with a large latent period and long duration.(More)
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