Levon Aslanyan

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Wireless sensor hubs generally consist of three main parts, communication subsystem, processing subsystem and sensing subsystem, normally communication subsystem consume most of energy of a typical sensor node and this is as much energy that we can neglect the processing energy consumption. Energy consumption of the sensing subsystem depends on specific(More)
This paper presents some ideas about a new neural network architecture that can be compared to a Fourier analysis when dealing periodic signals. Such architecture is based on sinusoidal activation functions with an axo-axonic architecture [1]. A biological axo-axonic connection between two neurons is defined as the weight in a connection in given by the(More)
IJ ITA is official publisher of the scientific papers of the members of the Association of Developers and Users of Intellectualized Systems (ADUIS). IJ ITA welcomes scientific papers connected with any information theory or its application. IJ ITA rules for preparing the manuscripts are compulsory. The rules for the papers for IJ ITA as well as the(More)
Theoretical and practical aspects of classification systems and classification learning are considered. Analysis of subject area learning sets and analysis of classification schemes raises a number of nonstandard questions, such as relations between categorization/metadata and logic-combinatorial structuring/clustering of the descriptive part of the input(More)
The algorithmic problem of nearest neighbour search and the earlier proposed hash-coding algorithm (Elias algorithm) are considered. The problem of optimality characterization depending on the geometrical structure of blocks of the algorithm in a balanced hash-coding scheme is considered. As a supportive technique for this the structure of consecutive(More)
First edition Recommended for publication by The Scientific Concil of the Institute of Information Theories and Applications FOI ITHEA This book maintains articles on actual problems of classification, data mining and forecasting as well as natural language processing:-new approaches, models, algorithms and methods for classification, forecasting and(More)
Nowadays, technology and technological diversity of the gene expression measurements raise new issues related to proper data analysis and accurate interpretation of results. Because gene expression measurement includes many complex steps and is performed on randomly selected cells from population, the measured value of gene expression is a stochastic(More)