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This paper reports a study of the effect of the dehydrating agent poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) on didodecyl phosphate (DDP) bilayers and on the fusion activity of DDP vesicles as a function of the molecular weight of PEG. PEG 8K in a concentration of 10 wt % does not induce fusion. However, Ca2+-induced fusion is promoted as reflected by a lowering of the(More)
Traditional rigid robots, such as those used in manufacturing, have been effective at precise, accurate, rapid motions in well-structured environments for many decades now. However, they operate largely behind cages due to the danger of injury when moving in close proximity to people. A significant and recent shift in robotics involves trading rigid links(More)
Electron microscopic techniques have been employed to investigate the ability of didodecylphosphate vesicles (diameter approx. 900 A) to fuse in the presence of Ca2+. As revealed by negative staining, Ca2+ induces extensive fusion and large vesicles with diameters up to 7000 A are formed. In a process secondary to fusion, the fused vesicles display a(More)
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