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Polyphenolic compounds including a number of natural products such as resveratrol, curcumin, catechin derivatives, and nordihydroguaiaretic acid have effects on the assembly of Aβ fibrils and oligomers as well as on fibril morphology. Based on a lead structure obtained from a screen of a small molecule diversity library, simple benzoic acid derivatives(More)
Exposures to microgravity and head-down tilt (HDT) produce similar changes in body fluid. This causes an increase in hematocrit that significantly affects hemorheological values. Lack of physical stimulation under bed rest conditions and the relative immobility of the crew during spaceflight also affects the blood fluidity. A group of six healthy male(More)
Bats of different species play a major role in the emergence and transmission of highly pathogenic viruses including Ebola virus, SARS-like coronavirus and the henipaviruses. These viruses require proteolytic activation of surface envelope glycoproteins needed for entry, and cellular cathepsins have been shown to be involved in proteolysis of glycoproteins(More)
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