Levente Nagy

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High-elevation valleys in dry areas of the Himalayas are among the most extreme, yet least explored environments on Earth. These barren, rocky valleys are subjected to year-round temperature fluctuations across the freezing point and very low availability of water and nutrients, causing previous workers to hypothesize that no photoautotrophic life (primary(More)
A nutrient addition experiment was set up in August 1993 in a species-rich primary lowland dipterocarp forest in Barito Ulu, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. The following treatments were applied: control, +N, +P and +NP. There were five blocks of four 50 m x 50 m plots with a separate treatment for each plot. Fine litterfall was measured on all the plots(More)
The aim of this study is to explore the effects of heavy rain and drought on the flowering phenology of two shrub species Genista tinctoria and Calluna vulgaris. We conducted a field experiment over five consecutive years in Central Europe, applying annually recurring extreme drought and heavy rain events on constructed shrubland communities and recorded(More)
The restoration and management of shallow, pond-like systems are hindered by limitations in the applicability of the well-known models describing the relationship between nutrients and lake phytoplankton biomass in higher ranges of nutrient concentration. Trophic models for naturally eutrophic small, shallow, endorheic lakes have not yet been developed,(More)
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