Levente Juhász

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Mapillary is a VGI platform which allows users to contribute crowdsourced street level photographs from all over the world. Due to unique information that can be extracted from street level photographs but not from aerial or satellite imagery, such as the content of road signs, users of other VGI Web 2.0 applications start to utilize Mapillary for(More)
INTRODUCTION The purpose of our study was to find out whether the Hungarian adaptation of the RBANS (Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status), a brief neurocognitive screening test, is appropriate for the differentiation of healthy and non-healthy subject groups, or for the detection of differences between the cognitive(More)
An increasing number of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) and social media platforms have been continuously growing in size, which have provided massive georeferenced data in many forms including textual information, photographs, and geoinformation. These georeferenced data have either been actively contributed (e.g., adding data to OpenStreetMap(More)
It is a commonplace that the past is at the mercy of the present and that in every generation there are those who deliberately distort aspects of it to reflect a vision of their own or another's making. Most historical writing about radicalism and the English Revolution can be considered fabrication in the sense of both manufacture and invention. There have(More)
The disturbance of source-monitoring is one of the various impairments in cognitive functioning observed in schizophrenic patients. The process of source-monitoring allows individuals to distinguish self generated thoughts and behaviours from those generated by others. The aim of the present study is to review the general psychological definition of source(More)
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