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Due to the increasing availability of data and wider use of analytics, the ingredients for increased reliance on modeling and simulation are now present. Tremendous progress has been made in the field of modeling and simulation over the last six decades. Software and methodologies have advanced greatly. In the area of weather, future-casts based on model(More)
The significance of simulation modeling at multiple levels, scales, and perspectives is well recognized. However, existing proposals for developing such models are often application specific. The position advocated in this paper is that generic design principles for specifying and realizing multiresolution, multistage models are still lacking. Requirements(More)
The aim of this panel session is to promote discussion on emergent challenges and the need for advancements in the theory, methodology, applications, education in M&S. The changing landscape in science and engineering (e.g., industrial and defense application, medicine, predictive homeland security, energy and environment) introduces new types of problems(More)
Inspired by the compound arthropod eye, Symbiotic Adaptive Multisimulation (SAMS) introduces an autonomic decision support capability for systems in shifting, ill-defined, uncertain environments. Rather than rely on a single authoritative model, SAMS explores an ensemble of plausible models, which are individually flawed but collectively provide more(More)