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Futbol Taraftarı Fanatikliği: Üniversite Öğrencileri Örneği
Spor kavrami gunumuze yaklastikca farkli misyon kazanmis ve farkli unsurlari beraberinde getirmistir. Bu unsurlardan biri olan taraftar olgusu, futbol icin olmazsa olmaz bir goruntu almayaExpand
Investigation of Injury Anxiety in Different Branches Athletes
Sports have both physical and mental benefits for human beings. Individuals perform sports in different branches. Some of them work as a hobby and others as amateur or professional. Physical injuryExpand
Evaluation of the Physical Activity Levels of the Students in a Physical Education and Sports Science Department Before and During the Coronavirus Pandemic
The COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Since Covid-19 is highly contagious, people were asked to go into quarantine, and the education system wasExpand
The Relationship between Life Satisfaction and Academic Performance: An Example of Sports Science
Everyday stress, happiness, health status and individual characteristics affect life satisfaction, which, in turn, affect some other factors. Therefore, high life satisfaction in academics affectsExpand
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The Effect of Agility and Speed Training of Futsal Players Attending School of Physical Education and Sports on Aerobic Endurance.
Futsal is ateam game with hibg phsical demands players. Agility, aerobic and anaerobic power outputs of the players support the success in the game. 24 male players attending the Kafkas UniversityExpand
Farklı Branş Sporcularında Yaralanma Kaygısının İncelenmesi
Spor insanoglu acisindan hem fiziksel hem de zihinsel faydalara sahiptir. Bireyler sporu farkli branslarda gerceklestirmektedirler. Kimi hobi olarak kimi ise amator veya profesyonel olarakExpand
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Comparison of Anaerobic Performance and Agility Characteristics Between American Football and Indoor Soccer Players
Anaerobic energy metabolism and agility are significant determinants of performance within the game actions of team sports such as Indoor Soccer (IS) and American Football (AF) where physicalExpand
Cardiovascular Responses During Indoor Soccer Competition
In this study, the aim was to investigate the cardiovascular responses that happen in players during indoor soccer (IS) competitions. Nine participants, indoor soccer players in the UniversitiesExpand
An Analysis of Coaches’ Unethical Behaviors in terms of Sociodemographic Variables
In addition to physical struggle, sports are also closely related to moral behaviors and attitudes. The will to succeed and win which plays a central role in sports also brings about various ethicalExpand