Levent Gūngōr

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BACKGROUND There is currently no instrument to stratify patients presenting with ischemic stroke according to early risk of recurrent stroke. We sought to develop a comprehensive prognostic score to predict 90-day risk of recurrent stroke. METHODS We analyzed data on 1,458 consecutive ischemic stroke patients using a Cox regression model with time to(More)
SNP and comparative genome hybridization arrays (aCGH) are powerful techniques for identifying genome rearrangements, deletions, and duplications. We hypothesized that current array-based detection of copy number variation (CNV) could complement parametric linkage analysis and allow the rapid identification of functional mutations in families with inherited(More)
Although hypothyroid myopathy is seen frequently and the relationship with autoimmune hypothyroidism and myasthenia gravis is well known, specific forms of hypothyroid myopathy such as Hoffman's syndrome (HS) are rarely described. Here we describe a 40-year-old patient with Hashimoto thyroiditis showing symptoms and signs of two discrete forms of(More)
BACKGROUND A significant proportion of ischemic strokes occur while using aspirin and therefore can be considered as clinical aspirin resistance. Apart from this clinical description, aspirin resistance can be defined by laboratory tests of in vitro platelet reactivity. The correlation between clinical and laboratory-defined resistance, however, is far from(More)
BACKGROUND The relatively late approval of use of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rt-PA) for acute ischemic stroke in Turkey has resulted in obvious underuse of this treatment. Here we present the analyses of the nationwide registry, which was created to prompt wider use of intravenous thrombolysis, as well as to monitor safe implementation of the(More)
OBJECTIVE The level of anticoagulation at the time of stroke onset may influence the size, composition, and dissolution rate of the occlusive clot. We explored the relation between admission international normalized ratio (INR) and acute infarct volume in patients with ischemic stroke. METHODS We studied 93 consecutive patients with preadmission warfarin(More)
IMPORTANCE Approximately half of recurrent strokes occur within days and weeks of an ischemic stroke. It is imperative to identify patients at imminent risk of recurrent stroke because recurrent events lead to prolonged hospitalization, worsened functional outcome, and increased mortality. OBJECTIVE To test the validity of a prognostic score that was(More)
INTRODUCTION Synthetic cannabinoids are increasingly used all over the world as marijuana substitutes. They have various names such as spice and bonzai in different countries. Cardiovascular or cerebrovascular events associated with cocaine, heroin and amphetamine abuse have been frequently reported. [1] However, stroke associated with the synthetic(More)
An inflammation or injury to optic nerve anywhere its pathway by extrinsic lesions causes the optic neuropathy. These lesions are more effective in confined spaces like optic canal, orbital apex. We present a 61 year old woman with optic neuropathy due to lesion in an Onodi cell. In this case patient presented with progressive loss of vision in her right(More)
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