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[1] Results of extensive experiments on propagation of unidirectional nonlinear random waves in a large wave tank are presented. The nonlinearity of the wavefield determined by the characteristic wave amplitude and the dominant wave length was retained constant in various series of experimental runs. In each experimental series, initial spectra of different(More)
Spatial evolution of nonlinear narrow-spectrum deep-water wave groups is studied experimentally in a wave tank. The experimental results are compared with the computations based on the unidirectional Zakharov equation and the Dysthe model. The very good agreement between the computational results based on both models with the experiments prompted an attempt(More)
Evolution of unidirectional nonlinear wave groups with wide spectra is studied experimentally and numerically. As an example of such an evolution, focusing of an initially wide wave train that is modulated both in amplitude and in frequency, to a single steep wave at a prescribed location along the laboratory wave tank is investigated. When numerous(More)
In the past decade it became customary to relate the probability of appearance of extremely steep (the socalled freak, or rogue waves) to the value of the BenjaminFeir Index (BFI) that represents the ratio of wave nonlinearity to the spectral width. This ratio appears naturally in the cubic Schrödinger equation that describes evolution of unidirectional(More)
The evolution along the tank of unidirectional nonlinear wave groups with narrow spectrum is studied both experimentally and numerically. Measurements of the instantaneous surface elevation within the tank are carried out using digital processing of video-recorded sequences of images of the contact line movement at the tank side wall. The accuracy of the(More)
[1] Unidirectional random waves generated by a wavemaker in a 300-m-long wave tank are investigated experimentally. Spatial evolution of numerous statistical wavefield parameters is studied. Three series of experiments are carried out for different values of the nonlinear parameter e. It is found that the frequency spectrum of the wavefield undergoes(More)
Wave group evolution in shallow water of constant depth is investigated experimentally in a laboratory wave tank and simulated numerically applying the Korteweg-de Vries equation. Good agreement between the experimental and the numerical results is obtained. Decomposition into harmonics is performed, and the results are presented separately for the carrier(More)