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INTRODUCTION The aim of this preliminary report is to demonstrate the efficacy of rapid transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) in the treatment of relapsed major depressive disorder (MDD) patients. METHODS Four patients with major depressive disorder who were successfully treated with rTMS received a second course of rTMS treatment. Patients were(More)
In the past decade it became customary to relate the probability of appearance of extremely steep (the so-called freak, or rogue waves) to the value of the Benjamin-Feir Index (BFI) that represents the ratio of wave nonlinear-ity to the spectral width. This ratio appears naturally in the cubic Schrödinger equation that describes evolution of uni-directional(More)
—The problem of obtaining quantitative data on spatial ocean wave spectra from the images of the ocean surface by either regular SAR or along-track interferometric SAR (INSAR) is studied. The dominant mechanism which allows imaging of ocean waves by SAR/INSAR is the so-called velocity bunch-ing. This mechanism is essentially nonlinear. The theoretical(More)
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