Lev P Olekhnovich

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Inactivation of the gene ( Uox ) in primates, which is responsible for the synthesis of theenzyme urikase, has determined new ways of social and intellectual evolution of mammals [1, 2]. Almost simultaneously with this process, a mutation occurred, as a result of which primates lacked the capability of endogenous synthesis of ascorbate. These mutations(More)
Allantoin was shown to affect the activities of enzymes involved in regulation of the so-called reactive-oxygenspecies (ROS)-dependent status of an organism [2]. The results reported in [2] support the hypothesis that intermediates of purine base catabolism are antioxidants [3]. For example, uric acid is a potent antioxidant, and Drosophila strains lacking(More)
The title compound, C(36)H(35)N(5)O(7)S, is found to exist in a non-spirocyclic (ring-opened) form in the crystal, although equilibrium of ring-opened and ring-closed forms (or so-called ring-chain isomerization) is possible in solution. The 4-oxocyclohexa-2,5-diene ring has a flattened sofa conformation. The N.C intramolecular separation of the atoms which(More)
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