Lev M. Bregman

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Asymptotic behavior of queues is studied for large closed multi-class queueing networks consisting of one infinite server station withK classes andM processor sharing (PS) stations. A simple numerical procedure is derived that allows us to identify all bottleneck PS stations. The bottleneck station is defined asymptotically as the station where the number(More)
We present a modification of Dykstra’s algorithm which allows us to avoid projections onto general convex sets. Instead, we calculate projections onto either a halfspace or onto the intersection of two halfspaces. Convergence of the algorithm is established and special choices of the halfspaces are proposed. The option to project onto halfspaces instead of(More)
In semiconductor manufacturing, the process of short-term production planning requires setting clear and yet challenging and doable goals to each operation and toolset in the process flow per each product type. We demonstrate the complexity of this problem using an experimental study performed with proficient workforce, and then show how the problem can be(More)
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