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In this paper we describe the practical aspects of extracting and using a glossary for a selected technical domain. We first describe the existing glossary extraction process, as applied to general corpora, and examine its shortcomings in the technical support domain. Then we propose a number of enhancements to it, including focusing the glossary on a(More)
The classical definition of knowledge management promises to get the right knowledge to the right people at the right time so they can make the best decision [1]. Autonomic systems, on the other hand, are expected to find and apply the right knowledge for self-managing purposes without human intervention. This article discusses the components to be built(More)
Migration of existing software systems to OSGi is gaining momentum with wide acceptance of the OSGi technology as a standard way of managing software life-cycle through a service-oriented component-based approach. Although the technical merits of the OSGi approach are broadly recognized, the migration of existing systems may require significant efforts,(More)
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