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Functional decomposition is the primary component of enterprise activities description and is often associated with business process architecture. It guides any business improvement initiative, enables to design the enterprise construction -- organizational structure, IT- and HR-architectures, etc, as well as to deploy goals and strategies. The paper(More)
Nowadays enterprise architecting and business process engineering are almost synonymous to diagramming. Diagrams have many benefits and are sufficient for many situations. But as the number of diagrams and their types grows, they overlap and evolve, then it becomes hard to maintain a collection of interrelated diagrams, even with the help of a common(More)
Business architecture became a well-known tool for business transformations. According to a recent study by Forrester, 50 percent of the companies polled claimed to have an active business architecture initiative, whereas 20 percent were planning to engage in business architecture work in the near future. However, despite the high interest in BA, there is(More)
Capability-based enterprise modeling is gaining presence in business practice. Capability is the central concept of the resource-based view of a firm, and it helps to bridge strategy with business operations. The use of capabilities for behavior modeling provides flexibility, stimulates reuse, and helps the firm to focus on its core competencies. In order(More)
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